Theory Boner is a submissions-based zine edited by Jenna Lee forde and Mary Tremonte. Stimulated by feminist and queer theory, and haivng our joy stiled by the institution of academia, we put together this zine to reclaim the pleasure in theory through visual art. Our Theory Boner is turned on by cultural and political theory that makes connections between feminist art and marginalized subjectivities. However, we realize that accessing cultural and political theory is a privilege. THEORY BONER ZINE is our attempt to decentralize the power and privilege that sanctifies theory in the academy by creating an opportunity for access and engagement by artists for artists. With intention, Theory Boner is about a turned on relationality; it is our desire see feminist and anti-oppressive theory become integral to artistic subjectivities. Not just a zine, but also a turned on community of artists interested in a philosophy and practice of feminist art.  This zine has been a labor of love and includes contributions from Canadian and American artists: Scott Andrew, Alexandra Bischoff, Sarah D’Angelo, Jenna Danchuk, Olivia Dreisinger, Lauren Fournier, Nyssa Komorowski, Jess MacCormack, Logan MacDonald, Hazel Meyer, Heidi Nagtegaal, Alicia Nauta, Lex Non Scripta, Zach Pearl, Corinne Teed, Mary Tremonte, Pearl Van Geest, and Eric Kostiuk Williams.
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